Our Cause

Learn more about the mission of The Janet Roberts Foundation and Our Cause. Learn the values, ethics, principles, and guidelines we use to help others.

The Janet Roberts Roberts Foundation was formed to help the impoverished, less-fortunate, and needy meet more of their basic needs.

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The Change We Want To Make

The Foundation is dedicated to offering assistance and support to persons living in our immediate and local communities.

We believe that things could’ve been worse. It doesn’t matter the challenge we or someone else is faced with we believe that the situation could be worse. In that same breath, we also believe that just a small effort can help someone’s ‘worse-case scenario’ become an optimistic situation.

We are here to offer as much help and hope as we can to persons who are faced with severe challenges and difficulties making ends meet. We believe that even a small act of charity can help restore hope and confidence and help the needy through a difficult situation.

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Who We Offer Support

The Hungry

We are looking to help those who are hungry and are unable to buy or ascertain food to meet their daily needs.

The Poor, Needy, and Homeless

We are interested in helping persons who are living in abject poverty, without life’s basic necessities and a roof over their head.

The Disabled

We are interested in offering assistance to persons suffering from disabilities such as amputees, the blind, etc.

Cancer & Terminally Ill Patients

We are particularly interested in helping, in whatever way possible, cancer and other terminally ill patients.

The Sick

We would like to offer assistance to persons who are in need of some form of financial and medical assistance due to illness.

Persons Living In Poor Living Conditions

We would like to help to improve the living conditions of persons living in inhumane living conditions and are incapable of working and improving their place of living.

How We Offer Support

Medical Bill Subsidies & Grants

One of the most important aspects of our daily lives revolve around our health. With this in mind we make it a part of our initiative to help the needy get basic healthcare, medication, and other medical supplies.

Care Packages

We offer assistance in the form of donating ‘Care Packages’ to those who are in need and incapable of meeting those needs. Care packages are custom packages made by The Janet Roberts Foundation with basic supplies such as food, toiletry, and other basic living necessities.

General Assistance

Any other acts of charity not outlined above but within our power but to make a difference in is always considered by our team and where possible we are open to rendering assistance.

Health Education For The Sick

“A cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence” says renowned and much-loved medical doctor Joan Lamley. Health education can not only seriously reduce the severity of your illness and symptoms but even heal the disease entirely. For this reason we prioritize educating the sick about healthy eating, living, and general information they might need to cope with a diagnosis.

Support Our Cause

Help the Janet Roberts Foundation touch someone’s life and make a positive impact by supporting our cause. By donating to our foundation or supporting one of our events you are actively joining a group of individuals who are trying to help their brother who is in need.

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