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Learn more about the Janet Roberts Foundation, it’s vision, mission for the future, causes for charity, and how you can support our cause.

Who We Are

The Janet Roberts Foundation is a charity organization founded in May 2020 by brothers, Sherwayne and Jabez Roberts, to honor and carry on the legacy of their mother, Janet Roberts, who died of Colon Cancer in September of 2019.

Janet was a very kind and charitable person who, at the core of her intentions and wish, wanted to help others improve and have a better standard of living. Not being born to a rich family or having a wealthy standard of living didn’t stop her from giving to others. She grew her children with the mindset of sharing among themselves whatsoever they have and trust in God to provide the rest.

Today the Foundation’s main purpose is to carry on this charitable way of life in a way that surpasses the span of any one person’s life or influence.

Our Mission

The Janet Roberts Roberts Foundation was formed to help persons  in dire need by providing assistance to the less fortunate, help the impoverished, and those living with terminal illnesses.

We understand that in life unexpected events occur that sets everyone back and sometimes in ways that it seems nearly impossible to get back up. We are here to offer assistance to those who need it most because as the bible says ‘A living dog is better than a dead lion.’ With life there is hope and just a bit of help and direction is what most people need to overcome the obstacles they are faced with.

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How we offer support

The ways we help persons varies on a case by case basis for each individual. We believe that each case is unique and must be handled in that way

Who we support

We are a foundation that seeks to offer charitable gestures where they are needed most. The list of individuals we help include but is not limited to:

Our Vision

Our Bigger picture

To be an effective organization of positive change at home and in our global community while delivering better health, wellness, and a helping hand to the needy.

While our initial and primary operations are to impact our local communities, we aim to grant support to the global community. Life’s challenges knows no boundaries of culture, language, or location, and neither will our support to persons in need.

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Meet Our Team

Jabez Roberts


Second son of Janet Roberts and an entrepreneur by trade. He is the financial and analytical mind behind our operations and mission.

Freya Gilbert

Senior Vice President

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Sherwayne Roberts


First son of Janet Roberts and a multi-talented Chef, Graphics Designer and Entrepreneur by trade. He is our creative driving force.

Jackson Trevino

Senior Vice President

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Mission Statement

Why does the Janet Roberts Foundation exist?

Promoting better health, wellness, healthcare, and standard of living for individuals, families, and communities through education and charitable actions.

The Foundation exists to provide assistance to people who are faced with challenges such as a lack of substandard living conditions, inability to meet medical bill requirements, living with terminal diseases, young adults seeking assistance with education and work opportunities.

Vision Statement

What are the values that guide the Janet Roberts Foundation’s decisions?

The Foundation strives to help provide a better standard of living for people who are in need and unable to help themselves due to unforeseen challenges, terminal illnesses, accidents, and disabilities. We aim to help lessen the burden associated with meeting life’s basic victims might face.

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